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time flies January 29, 2007

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Is it really over a week since my first post? Unbelievable. One thing to remember with this blog business is to write regular updates…oh and to make it interesting too…and use photos. It’s a nightmare!

Since my last post you’ll see that I’ve added an image of myself and a few links along the side.

I spent this weekend in Reading visiting an old friend. It was my first visit to Berkshire’s premier city and to be honest I expected a concrete jungle but it was actually quite nice, especially the path along by the weir which crosses the mighty river Thames. The Hobgoblin pub is well worth a visit too – the walls and ceiling are covered with beer mats. I had 3 pints of the hand-pulled flat cider and felt quite strange, but in a nice way.

I’ve had a couple of Endnote enquiries this week, some of you may not be familiar with Endnote but it’s a really handy piece of software which allows you to manage your references (including those from online sources) and create bibliographies in a specified format. It also allows you to ‘Cite as you write’ whilst typing a Word document. Have a look at the library webpages for more information, or if you have an enquiry please get in touch.

Last week the JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) announced the list of successful bids funded under their 12m investment in the digitisation of major resources of national importance. You can read about this on the JISC Digitisation Programme Blog. One of the successful bids is called Modern Welsh Journals online, a digitisation project based at the National Library of Wales which will provide provide students, teachers and researchers with free online, searchable, access to a selection of 20th and 21st century Welsh and Wales-related journals held at the National Library of Wales and partner institutions. I’m lucky enough to be on the Advisory Board for this project and I’m looking forward to getting involved.

Well that’s all from me for now, there’s a ‘mini chocolate bite’ in the office with my name on it!

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. Dr. Carl Sagan


welcome! January 16, 2007

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is John Wright, Research Support Librarian for the University of Wales, Bangor. I’ll be using this blog to tell you about what I’m doing, and the sort of support I can provide. I’ll also provide advice and links to useful research-related information. I may even throw in the odd bit of trivia concerning my life outside work!

One thing that’s preoccupying me at the moment is the Bangor Research Archive – BaRA for short. What’s that I hear you ask? Well, it’s a repository (yes that’s ‘re’ pository) of all of Bangor’s research articles, working papers, reports and electronic theses all held in one openly accessable location. Or at least it will be, just as soon as I finish working on the configuration of the software with my friend in IT services. After that I’ll be going out to the Schools to try and get researchers to submit their works. One big benefit to individual researchers is that citation rates for papers held on repositories (there’s that word again!) are proven to increase – this is because it’s all open access and works are easily accessible using a standard web search engine (like Google for example). If you’d like to see an example repository have a look at Edinburgh Research Archive at the University of Edinburgh, or e-Prints at the University of Southampton. BaRA will be up and running in February so watch this space!

“Research is the act of going up alleys to see if they are blind” Anon.