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journals, phones, and dogs March 9, 2007

Posted by john wright in Uncategorized.

I went to the National Library of Wales last week for an Advisory Board meeting of a project called ‘Welsh Journals Online’. Over the next 2 years the project will digitise around 90 of Wales’ most significant journal titles published since 1900. The full-text content will be available via a free searchable web interface – an extremely significant resource for students, teachers and researchers in a number of disciplines including welsh, welsh history, celtic studies, politics, sociology, english, music, theology and cultural studies. The web interface will also allow users to post comments and cross-reference to related works. This interactive element is particularly interesting to me, it will potentially stimulate new ideas and generate new research. Exciting stuff.

Unlike mobile phones – I can’t get excited about those at all. Call me old-fashioned but I just want my mobile phone to allow me to phone people up whilst I am mobile, that is what I would define as the very purpose of a mobile phone. I don’t want my phone to take photos, film movies, send emails, or indeed wash my laundry. I have at my disposal other purpose built devices that already allow me to perform all of those functions. Getting a free upgrade is not always a good thing if it means getting loads of additional functionality that you didn’t want in the first place. For example imagine you are walking your dog and someone comes and takes away your dog and replaces it with a free wolf, the additional functionality being that it bites your leg off! Makes you think doesn’t it…

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.” Margaret Fuller



1. Avril Rolph - March 15, 2007

Sorry John,
Although I have some sympathy with you over mobile phones (why can’t people enjoy their surroundings, especially when taking walks in the countryside, beside the sea etc. without a mobile glued to their ear?) I’ve become very attached to my latest mobile with good camera phone. I’ve also got an excellent digital camera but I don’t carry it everywhere & the camera phone has come into its own on quite a few ‘I wish I had a camera’ moments – well now I have.
But I can’t see the point about upgrading all the time either unless you really want a particular function.

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