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library 2.0 March 22, 2007

Posted by john wright in Uncategorized.

I’ve just subscribed to a new mailing list called lis-bloggers. It’s a list for people to share and discuss their library/information-science blogs. One that I found interesting is called ‘Information Literacy meets Web 2.0’ (see my blog links). Web 2.0 is defined fairly reliably on Wikipedia as “a perceived second generation of web-based services—such as social networking sites, wikis, communication tools and folksonomies — that emphasize online collaboration and sharing among users.”

Of course what Web 2.0 is isn’t nearly as important as what it can do. For a long time I’ve been trying to decide if Web 2.0 had any real practical application in the library world. Now I think the answer is a definite ‘yes’. In fact it must be because the term ‘Library 2.0’ has already been coined as a direct spin-off! This also has a Wikipedia definition.

So what are the potential benefits of Library 2.0? Library 2.0 technologies allow for an increased flow of feedback and participation from users within a fairly informal framework, which in turn allows services to be frequently evaluated and updated to meet changing needs. Anything which facilitates increased user collaboration must be a good thing, it’s just a question of deciding what technology to use and how. There are lots of articles on this, most of which I haven’t got around to reading, so it’s an area I’ll have to revisit. I’m starting with the articles in Ariadne ‘Web 2.0: Building the New Library‘, and in the Library Journal ‘Library 2.0: Service for the next-generation library‘.

Tommorrow I am going to Granada in the heart of Andalucia, for a week’s holiday. I’m very excited. Granada is of course famous for the Alhambra Palace, built by the Moorish monarchs primarily during the 13th and 14th centuries. As well as being a city steeped in culture and history you can also (according to my friend) buy a very nice almond milkshake thingey there too – the best of both worlds!

“Always the more beautiful answer who asks the more beautiful question.”  E.E. Cummings



1. Oscar Reales - March 22, 2007

Hi John. It is a very nice place. Maybe this blog “about Andalucia – Granada could be useful for you. Enjoy it!

2. pauline Shaw - March 28, 2007

Hi John. I think the drink you mean is “horchata/orxata” which is very popular in Valencia.
However, make sure you go to some of the bars in Granada as it’s the only place in Spain where they still give you a free tapa with every drink. And the Alhambra is beautiful! Have fun!

3. Peter Godwin - March 29, 2007

Hello John,
Am sure you are enjoying Granada. We saw the Alhambra by night and by day and it was amazing!! We also liked the afternoon siesta and late eating habits!!
I am glad that someone has found my liuttle blog on IL and Info Literacy. Having just presented at LILAC I can see that there is a lot of interest in this. It is also fun but it can take you over as there are so many sides to it! (blogs, wikis, podcasts, flickr, delicious to name but a few…) It is up to librarians with flair and enthusiasm to take all this further and engage with students in novel ways! I musyt also styart putting more stuff on my blog!

4. Mieko Yamaguchi - April 25, 2007

I’m only just catching up with the world around me (as it were) but since you just sent me an email that you had been to a Web 2.0 event and talked about the potential ‘Amazon-isation’ of OPACs, I thought you might be interested to know that our own OPAC at Bangor will soon have the Patron Reviews (aka Community Reviews) feature so users can add their comments about items in the library. I don’t think there is a plan to have ‘people who read this also read this’ functionality, but later on we might introduce user created tag cloud to replace Library of Congress Subject Headings. Never!

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