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from Granada to Doncaster April 12, 2007

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Well I had a lovely time in Granada. I never did try the milkshake thing – apparently it’s called ‘horchata’ and it’s made with tiger nuts not almonds. I’ve never heard of tiger nuts, I think I must’ve led a sheltered life. I did have some nice orange ice cream though, and paella and countless other treats including the local ‘Alhambra’ beer, and I also went for a swim at Almunecar. Well I call it swimming – I use a variant on the front crawl which I like to call ‘John’s special stroke’, which involves lots of thrashing about and oftens causes alarmed strangers to rush over in the belief that I am about to drown.

Cat in the Alhambra Here is a cat in the Alhambra, one of many that look very happy amongst the splendour and tranquility of the Nasrid Palaces. In fact I am fairly confident in my theory that they actually run the place.

I am going to Doncaster next week to deliver a library session for a group of PhD theology students. Doncaster might not appear to be quite as interesting a place as Granada however it does share a significant Roman history. Added to this Doncaster is home to the largest freestanding warehouse in the UK, and is the birthplace of Jeremy Clarkson.

It’s the first time I’ll have gone out to do a session to a distributed student group based outside Bangor, but as a large number of our research students are based elsewhere it’s something I think I should do more of. I’ll certainly be keen to emphasise the proportion of our resources that are web-based, for example something like 80% of our journal subscriptions are available online. This equates to around 5,500 titles. I’ll also be outlining the Sconul Research Extra scheme which allows for reciprocal borrowing at any participating HE institutions. Have a look at the library webpages for more information.

“This problem, too, will look simple after it is solved.” Charles Francis Kettering