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an avocado a day… May 11, 2007

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Throughout my childhood I looked to my parents and my teachers in order to absorb as many ‘life-tips’ as my small, barely developed brain could manage:

  • Don’t go back to a firework once it’s lit.
  • Always use the ‘Green Cross Code’.
  • Don’t put your head inside a lion’s mouth.

Rules which might one day actually save my life, or at least prevent an accident. However, throughout this crucial formative period, there was one startling oversight:

No one ever mentioned the avocado.

Seemingly a pleasant and nutritious fruit from the outside, well known for it’s potassium content and B vitamins, the avocado actually hides a dark and evil secret behind that bumpy pear-shaped exterior. It is out to cause people harm. I now, through painful experience know this to be true. The apparently simple process of removing the nut (or is it stone?) caused this to happen:


A severe stab wound to the palm of my left hand which resulted in significant blood loss and mild shock, not to mention 2 visits to my local A&E. Yes, I’m ok now, thanks for asking but I am finding that using only one hand can be quite a challenge. The simple process of applying shampoo to the head for example – now I have to squeeze the bottle above the head and simply guess whether I have a sufficient amount for a lather. Isn’t life a strain!

  “Inquiry is fatal to certainty” Will Durant



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