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this week i have been mostly eating…cake May 7, 2008

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It was the final session of the Information Searching Skills module last week. There were just 5 students on the module this time around so by the end I really felt like I’d got to know everyone really well. For the final session everyone was required to give a 20 minute presentation. This comprised an account of the learning process they had gone through from the beginning to the end of the course – identifying information sources, the search strategy, saving results, evaluation, and using bibliographic management software. Everyone approached the task slightly differently but ultimately showed that they understood the course content and that they were able to apply what they had learnt to their own research. Since it was the final session everyone brought cakes or biscuits along, my favourite being the pineapple upside down cake (although I also enjoyed the bara brith and the cream scones and the pistachio and choc chip cookies).

On my Bank Holiday weekend I travelled down to Newtown to watch Bangor City FC in the Welsh Cup final against Llanelli. It was an action-packed and exciting game and the Bangor fans were in high spirits (many having been drinking for most of the day). It was only a shame that one so-called fan assaulted the Llanelli goalkeeper, taking a bit of a shine off the 4-2 victory. It was a surreal experience to consequently have a police escort to take us from the ground into Newtown’s picturesque and tranquil parkland with the police helicopter circling overhead.

Sôn am ‘surreal’ – penwythnos yma dwi’n mynd lawr i Gaerdydd i berfformio gân ar rhaglen teledu cerddoriaeth Gymraeg ‘Bandit’. Fel ‘Wrightoid’ dwi’n mynd i ganu cân o’r enw ‘Mae ‘na afon’. Tro gyntaf i mi wneud rhywbeth o’r fath beth, a mae’n rhaid dweud bod fi’n teimlo’n braidd yn nerfus. Ond mi bydd o’n profiad beth bynnag!

“I have yet to see any problem, however complicated, which, when you looked at it the right way, did not become still more complicated” Paul Alderson



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