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the last post May 8, 2009

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“Did the band play ‘the last post’ and chorus?, did the pipes play ‘the flowers of the forest’?” The Fureys

This is almost certainly the last time I will post at https://bangorra.wordpress.com

A poignant moment indeed not just for me, but for all the regular readers – thank you both.

I am leaving Bangor University to take up a new post at the University of Glamorgan on May 26th. It would be innaccurate to continue with this as my blog address at Glamorgan, therefore I’m hoping to start a brand new blog, I’ll link to it from here if and when it comes in to being.

The more senior members of staff might remember that I first worked at Bangor University library in the summer of 1989 – as a greasy-haired youth with motivational issues. I returned over some of the following summers, learning as I went, and paying off student debts in the process.

Snow Pics and also Library Pics 013

In this, my most recent and significant period of employment, I have made some valued friends, and they have made this place a pleasure to work in, even during what have been challenging times for everyone. One of the highlights for me was producing the Library video, a promotional and educative tool which utilised a number of groundbreaking film techniques.

I leave with all of the excitement a new job brings, but also with considerable regret. I hope that a number of you will keep in touch by email (wrightoid7@btinternet.com), Facebook, or indeed Myspace (www.myspace.com/wrightoid).

The rest, as they say, is silence.